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I DO IT HARDER Aug 18th, 2012 (World Premiere)
Ottawa International Film Festival

I DO IT HARDER Aug 18th, 2012 (World Premiere)

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          2PM - I DO IT HARDER (13+) 

    Director: Brad McGregor

    Writer(s): Brad McGregor, Mike Tersigni

    Producer(s): Mike Tersigni

    Cast: Mike Divell, Cindy Hutcheson

    Synopsis:  Is idealism enough for two “would be” entrepreneurs to take on big oil in the quest for alternative fuels?  Probably not, but Mike and Cindy are about to bet their futures trying to find out.  Together, they’ve decided to cross Canada promoting their ethical vegetable oil conversion company, Wiesel.  Without any business sense, and even less money, taking on big oil isn’t going to be easy, but sometimes the harder way is still the best way.


         OIFF SUGGESTED RATING 13+: Language, some drug use and reference. Mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.


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