MARILYN: Aug 17th, 2012 (Ottawa Premiere) with poster


Director: Christopher Petry

Writer(s): Patrick Paddy Mitchell 

Producer(s): Christopher Petry, Bruce Borland, Kaleena Kiff

Cast: Ryan Robbins, Allison Mack

Synopsis: Michael Grant is one of the most successful and sought after people in his field. If he weren’t an escaped convict robbing banks for a living, he’d probably enjoy his notoriety.

Before his passing in 2007, Patrick “Paddy” Mitchell became one of the most famous bank robbers in North America. Written while incarcerated in Leavenworth Prison, Marilyn is a beautiful and raw story based on one of Paddy’s adventures. While on the lam and robbing banks for enough money to keep afloat, Michael Grant meets and falls in love with a much younger woman also on the run from the law – the beautiful, uninhibited Marilyn. As they find themselves punched in the eye by love at the most inopportune time, both Michael and Marilyn start reevaluating everything they once thought important.

Blanketed by original music recorded for the film and a rock n’ roll soundtrack, Marilyn is photographed on old 16mm film stock and exudes a vintage film look inspired by movies like Vanishing Point and Easy Rider. Told by a man who actually lived it, Marilyn is a romantic tale of one bankrobbers life on the lam, a young woman’s journey to find herself through music, and a love that glues it all together

TRAILER CAN BE VIEWED HERE:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0wh5NaIS6Q
Some violence.  Language.  Drug use.  Mild nudity.  Sexual references.  Mature Subject Matter.  Viewers discretion is advised. 



CATEGORY: Feature Film

RUN TIME: 95 minutes

GENRE: Crime/Drama/Romance


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